Padulo is a 21 Century retail communication ad agency.

We are senior. We are tenacious. We are results driven.
We do the “right thing” for our clients and their bottom line and have since 1985.
We know retail inside and out! We help clients assess their business and their position within their industry. We help manufacture sales overnight and create brands over time.
We take the usual and make it unusual or vice versa and have done so for the first, second or third leading Canadian retailer in almost every category.
We are responsible for three of the top five retail ad campaigns in Canadian history. The rest of the ad industry did the other two!
We created the concept of CollabratisingTM bringing like-minded partners together in both traditional and non-traditional ways. We value CQ (Change Quotient) as highly as IQ and believe that the last second of one transaction is the first second of the next.
SEM, SEO, Digital, Experiential or traditional media; we understand the collective power and challenges to monetize the Omni-channel experience.
We are unique. We are passionate.
We are ready to make a difference on your business.
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